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Coast Guard Recruiting Liaison Program
by U.S. Coast Guard Annie Sheehan
July 15, 2022

Because of COVID-19 challenges and economic pressures, labor shortages are abound across industries, and the military is no exception.

Currently, all six military branches are vying for a slim percentage of young people who qualify for military service, which means the Coast Guard has needed to put in extra energy toward recruitment efforts.

U.S. Coast Guard recruiting staff at the Los Angeles recruiting office on June 14, 2017. (U.S. Coast Guard photo)
U.S. Coast Guard recruiting staff at the Los Angeles recruiting office on June 14, 2017. (U.S. Coast Guard photo)

 To attract new talent to join the workforce, the Coast Guard recently launched the Recruiting Liaison Program. Lt. Aloysius Juwana explained how, “Recruiting Liaisons are not recruiters; they act as a bridge between their unit and the local recruiting office to increase community awareness and engagement that will lead to recruitment.”

Shore commands with an O-6 at the helm and have over 100 members are required to designate a Recruiting Liaison. Smaller units are also highly encouraged to elect a Recruiting Liaison to carry out the following responsibilities and activities:

  • Promote Everyone is a Recruiter (EIAR) efforts in their own units.

  • Schedule officer interviews and coordinate outreach and engagement opportunities.

  • Invite the public to the unit and showcase what the Coast Guard does, whether in small ad-hoc groups or large-scale “Mission Day” demonstrations. 

  • Increase the Coast Guard’s visibility via social media campaigns or local news releases. 

  • Provide interested candidates or students with real exposure to the Coast Guard through unpaid internships, college or high school credit, or community service hours. 

  • Organize community service programs, such as arranging a beach cleanup or adopting a Little League field.

  • Maintain an active social media presence that includes images and stories of the unit’s accomplishments, particularly junior members with whom recruits are likely to connect.

  • Display the unit’s mission using physical objects such as a trailered small boat, a static helo, a bin of salty life rings, or expired body armor.

  • Volunteer with local organizations to make a difference to their mission.   

  • Engage folks in the service and retail economy and let them know about the Coast Guard. 

  • Wear the uniform or recognizable Coast Guard gear when in public.

The list is not exhaustive ... Go to for more information.

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