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David G. Bancroft, Founder of USA Patriotism!"Veterans" honors the dedicated men and women, who served our beloved, great USA in Her armed forces ... and ... deserve the deepest gratitude and respect for their proud, brave duty to country ... with many of their comrades paying the ultimate sacrifice ... and more becoming wounded warriors with varying life long scars including disabling ones!

And as a father of a U.S. Marine Corps veteran ... my pride in him for serving including his deployment to Iraq in 2003 ... will never diminish ... as it is the same for my father, father-in-law, and my mother's twin brother who was KIA during the Normandy invasion.

David G. Bancroft, USA Patriotism! founder


While there have been and are
many patriots who made the USA
what She has become and remains today,
there should be no doubt about how far
our great nation has come to be
through the bravery
of those who honorably served all
in the military
with some taking the ultimate fall
and the others carrying on
with civilian life when their duty was done.

They are America's veterans
who were there for us each day,
like our valiant troops do so now,
safeguarding our great, beloved USA
against all who dared to cause Her harm.

So, let us all
stand proudly tall
on Veterans Day . . . giving thankful praise
in remembrance of their noble deeds
for sake of America's security needs.

Honoring All America's Armed Forces Veterans since Independence won!

David G. Bancroft, Founder of USA Patriotism!By David G. Bancroft
USA Patriotism!
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