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Iraq War - Terrorism

Videos listed through April 7, 2018 are also indexed alphabetically below.

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3rd Armored Cavalry In Operation New Dawn

13th ESC Honoring Its Fallen In Iraq

A Day In Iraq for An Army Cavalry Scout

Air Assault On Al Qasr Island

Army Colonel Peter Jones Discusses Brigade's Iraq Deployment and His Family - 2010

Army MPs Hunt For Suspect In Hawija

Army Wipes Out Insurgent Stronghold in Diyala

Battle of Fallujah - Operation Phantom Fury

Border Ops

Captain Charles Barrett Talks About Iraq Deployments and More - 2010

Captain Matt Hunter Discusses Iraq Deployment and His Soldiers - 2010

Chaplain Hicks

Company of Heroes - Battle of Fallujah

Dusk in the Dust - Marines Last Year In Iraq's Al Anbar

Fighting in Ramadi - 2 videos with Marines in May 2006 and Soldiers in Fall of 2006

Fighting In Tal Afar

Graffiti of War Project - Images from Troops Serving In Iraq and Afghanistan

Graffiti of War Project National Gallery Tour

Hammer Pursuit III

IED Hunters

Inside Shock and Awe

Major Ryan

Marine Corps Helicopter Close Air Support

Marines and Navy Personnel - 2007

Marines and Soldiers Joint Patrol In Ramadi

Marines Conduct Route Clearance In Fallujah

Marines On Patrol - 2003

Marines - Operation Iraqi Freedom

Marines Patrol In Al Anbar Province

Marines Patrol In Al Asad

Marines Patrol In Khan Al Baghdadi

Marines Patrol In Ramadi

Mechanized Infantry Patrol In Tikrit

Minnesota National Guard End of Tour, Operation New Dawn

Nabbing Enemy In Tal Afar

On A Convoy With Marines - 2007

Operation Boar Cowboys

Operation Panda Garden

Operation Sykes Hammer - Tal Afar

Our Troops In Iraq

President George W. Bush - Danger of Leaving Iraq Unfinished

President George W. Bush - Invasion of Iraq Address

President George W. Bush Praises & Thanks Troops In 2008 Iraq Visit

President George W. Bush Visits Troops In Al Asad

Remembering Fallen Marines In Battle Of Ramadi

Running To Remember The Fallen on FOB Warhorse

Search and Seizure Ops In Baghdad

Search For Indirect Fire Point Origin

Sgt. Richard Knuth Talks About Deployment

Shout Outs From Soldiers

Soldiers Attacked With Rocket Propelled Grenade

Soldiers Come Under Fire In Baqubah

Soldiers Conduct Cordon and Search In Baghdad

Soldiers Engage Sniper In Tal Afar

Soldiers Honor Fallen Comrades In Iraq

Soldiers In Kalsu Talk About Progress and Care Packages

Soldiers Fire Howitzer On Enemy Positions

Soldiers Maintain Mosul's Security

Soldiers Patrol and Search In Taji

Soldiers Patrol Around FOB Regular

Soldiers Patrol In Ramadi

Soldiers Patrol Ramadi With Tanks

Soldiers Patrol Sadr City

Soldiers Search For Insurgents and Weapons In Tikrit

Soldiers Search For Insurgents In Ramadi

Soldiers Secure Rawah

Soldiers' Night Raid

Stories From Ft Carson Soldiers Recently In Iraq - 2008

The Surge and The Future

The War In Iraq

Third Army/ARCENT - Iraq War

Troops in Baghdad - 2007 (1)

Troops in Baghdad - 2007 (2)

Troops in Baghdad - 2007 (3)

U.S. Soldiers Conduct Artillery Raid In Iraq

USO 2010 Holiday Tour Performs at Camp Liberty, Iraq

Vice President Biden Thanks Troops

War On Terrorism Press Conference - July 30, 2007

Warhorse In New Dawn

Weapons Search In Mahmudiyah

Wounded Warriors Visit Combat Support Hospitals In Iraq

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