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Patriotic Videos
Afghanistan War

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Videos listed through April 7, 2018 are also indexed alphabetically below.

mv = music video

1/2 Marines Disruption Operations In Afghanistan

1/7 Marines Night Mortar Mission In Afghanistan

4/9 Cav Soldiers Counter Indirect Fire Mission

30 Days Through Afghanistan

A-10 Warthogs Refuel Over Afghanistan

A Look Inside the FET

A Mission From God

A Mortarman's Journal

AC-130H Spectre Gunship - The Final Chapter

Aerial Insertion, Extrication, Mass Casualty Rehearsal

Air Force Sentry Cody Vaughan In Afghanistan

Air Support In Southern Afghanistan

Alaska Air National Guard Pararescuemen In Afghanistan

Alpha Company Marines Patrol To Disrupt Enemy

Apache Snow II - Marines, Sailors, and Allies Battle Taliban

Army Aviation Role In Afghanistan Drawdown

Army Eyes in the Sky

Army LT. Brittany Hine at FOB Walton

Army Lt. Colonel Forsyth in Afghanistan Talks About Efforts - 2010

Army Mobile Gun System Training

Army Road Dawgs

Army Theater Reserve Force

B-1 Achieves 10,000 Combat Sortie Milestone

Bagram FAST Team

Battery Marines Keep FOB Delaram Safe

Behind the Boom: Ammo Airmen Provide Firepower

"Best Seat"

Big Reggae Foot Patrol

Bloodshed For Freedom At Bagram

Building Faith Bridges

Bullets Over Bagram

C-17 Air Taxi Service

C-27 Mission

Captain Matt Frye Discusses Service and Efforts - 2010

CH-47F Chinook Crews In Action Over Afghanistan

Chaplains Discuss Efforts in Afghanistan

Chinook Door Gunner

Chinook Pilot and Engineer Discuss Deployment at FOB Fenty - Afghanistan

Chinooks Sling Load Supplies at Night in Afghanistan

Colonel Randy George Talks About Division's Afghanistan Deployment

Combat Airlift Mission Over Afghanistan

Combat Controller In Today's Fight

Combat Guard Duty

Combat Outpost Khilagay - MEDEVAC Exercise

Convoys Drop Holiday Treasures For The Troops

Dedicated Combat Saviors

Defenders On The Line At Bagram Airfield

Dignified Transfer Training In Afghanistan

'Doc Brute' Puts Morale, Mission First

DUSTOFF: Medics Speed Wounded Off Battlefield

Dustoff Welcomes Wingman In Afghanistan

E-3 AWACS Combat Sortie Over Afghanistan

EOD Airmen In Today's Fight

Eyes In The Sky Over Afghanistan

F-15 Mission In Afghanistan

F-16 Preflight and Takeoff in Afghanistan

Father's Day Present for Marine In Afghanistan

Field Artillery Protects FOB Protects FOB Blessing

Fire Power Control In Afghanistan

Firing Illumination Mission

Firing Rockets From Above In Afghanistan

Flightline Security On Kandahar Airfield

Flying A-29s In Afghanistan

Flying F-16s Over Afghanistan

FOB Guard Tower Duty, Dusk Til Dawn

FOB Shank - Countering Rocket Attacks

FOB Shank - Phalanx Weapons System

Foot Patrol In Nangarhar

Graffiti of War Project National Gallery Tour

Hands To Heartbeat

HMIT Give Pilots Edge In Enemy Skies

Honor and Dignity For Our Fallen Warriors

Injured Marine Cpl. Randy Warfel Returns to Combat Duty

Improvised Explosive Device Training In Afghanistan

Insurgent Stronghold Destroyed In Air And Ground Attack

ISAF 2012 Memorial Day Ceremony In Afghanistan

JET Airmen At Forefront Of Operation Enduring Freedom

Keeping Fighters and Bombers In The Sky During Missions

Kiowa Warrior - Combat Tribute Flight

Light Bringers In Afghanistan

Live Fire Exercise At FOB Khilagay

Long Patrol Route

Marine Commander Reflects On Platoon's Afghanistan Deployment

Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 464 - Afghanistan

Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron External Mission

Marine LCpl. Patrick Tomassi In Afghanistan

Marine Light Attack Helicopter Providing Air Support In Afghanistan

Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 469 "Vengeance"

Marine Light Helicopter Squadron 469 Over Helmand

Marine Scout Snipers Keep Eye On Target

Marines Ambushed In IED Belt

Marines Clear Afghan Villages of Insurgents

Marines Conduct Clearing Operation In Afghanistan

Marines Conduct Foot Patrol At Patrol Base Boldak

Marines Deconstruct Patrol Base Boldak

Marines Fight To Secure Sangin In Afghanistan

Marines Firing Mortars In Afghanistan

Marines First Patrol - FOB Geronimo

Marines Fly CH-53D For Last Time In Afghanistan

Marines Gaining Ground In The Sangin Valley

Marines In Sangin, Afghanistan (102 minutes with 20 segments over a 20 month period)

Marines - Keeping Our Honor Clean In Afghanistan

Marines Live-Fire At FOB Delaram

Marines Repel Taliban Attack at Patrol Base Georgetown

Marines Repel Taliban Attack On New Patrol Base

Marines Security Patrols During Operation Double

Marines Usher in New Year

Medical Training In Afghanistan

Military Christmas Carolers Perform for Troops in Afghanistan

Mission of Mercy

Mortar Fire Mission In Afghanistan

Mountain Division Soldiers - Afghanistan 2013

Mounted Route Clearance

My Life In Afghanistan

Army National Guard CWO2 Joshua Groth - Dustoff Pilot

Marine Lance Cpl. Geoffrey West

New Apache Guardian In Afghanistan

"Night Eyes" C-RAM

North Dakota National Guard Soldiers Discuss Duty In Afghanistan - 2010

Observation Point Mustang, Afghanistan

OH-58 Kiowa Warriors - Close Air Support In Afghanistan

On A Mission with Ft. Carson's 2-77 In Nangaresh - 2010

Operation Helmand Viper - Marine Scout Snipers

Operation High Noon 15

Operation Jaws: Marines Clear Insurgent Stronghold

Operation Moshtarak

Operation Reservoir Dogs

Operation Sledgehammer

Operation Spear Gun

Operation Trap House

Operation Western Storm

Overwatch At Combat Outpost Giro

"Playboys" On The Prowl In Afghanistan

President Barack Obama Visits Troops In Afghanistan - Memorial Day 2014

President Barack Obama's Address about The Death of Osama bin Laden

"Pyramid" - Managing Air Support In Afghanistan

Regional Command Southwest Memorial Service - 2013

Retrieving Fallen Warriors With Dignity, Care, and Honor

Robin Williams and Lewis Black Bring Laughs To Marines and Fellow Troops

Sappers Clear The Way

Seabees Plunging The Well

Searching The Green Zone In Afghanistan

Sending Wounded Warriors Home

Sgt Masterson Interview at FOB Fenty in Jalalabad, Afghanistan - 2010

Soldier Conducts First Combat Patrol With T.E.D. Dog

Soldiers' Best and Worst Day During Combat Deployment

Soldiers Clear Highway One In Afghanistan

Soldiers Clear Route For FOB Tillman, Afghanistan

Soldiers Combating Taliban In Panjwa'i District

Soldiers Conduct Dismounted Patrol In Panjwa'i

Soldiers Conduct Presence Patrol In Nangarhar

Soldiers Defend Patrol Base Devoe

Soldiers Disrupt Enemy In Ghazni and Suffer A Fallen Brother

Soldiers Fire M119 Howitzer

Soldiers In Combat During Patrol Through Shawali Khan

Soldiers In Korengal Valley, Afghanistan

Soldiers Keep Rolling

Soldiers Patrol Afghanistan Market

Soldiers Patrol For Indirect Fire - FOB Shank

Soldiers Provide Support For Cordon and Search Missions

Soldiers Receive Combat Patch In Afghanistan

Soldiers Repel Attack In Afghanistan

Soldiers Respond To Attack At Zerok Combat Outpost

Spartan Road Clearance In Afghanistan

Soldiers' Road Trip In Afghanistan

Spartan Artillery Night-Fire In Afghanistan

Strong Point 21

Tactical Air Controllers In Afghanistan

Tangi Valley Operation

Task Force Dragon - Air Supremacy

Team Effort Flying Blackhawks

The All American Dustoff

The Many Hats of An Army Sniper

The Navigators

To Hell and Back: The BMG Saga

Transporting The Injured In War

Turning Wrenches To Help Save Lives

Twelve Hours With U.S. Soldiers In Afghanistan

Two Airmen And Their Bomb Dogs In Afghanistan

Two Troops Perform At Pat Tillman Memorial USO - Afghanistan

Vampire Protocol

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Launch In Afghanistan

USAF TSgt Sean White Discusses Deployment in Afghanistan

USO 2010 Holiday Tour Brings Taste of Home to Bagram

War On Terrorism Press Conference - July 30, 2007

War Zone Artist, Afghanistan

Wardak Observation Point

'White Christmas' In Afghanistan

World's Best Army In Afghanistan

Wounded Warrior Facility Helps Injured Marines Get Back to the Fight - with article

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