Distinguished Flying Cross Recipients
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The Distinguished Flying Cross is awarded to any person who, while serving in any capacity with the Army of the United States, distinguished himself or herself by heroism or extraordinary achievement while participating in aerial flight.

  • The performance of the act of heroism must be evidenced by voluntary action above and beyond the call of duty.

  • The extraordinary achievement must have resulted in an accomplishment so exceptional and outstanding as to clearly set the individual apart from his or her comrades or from other persons in similar circumstances.

  • Awards will be made only to recognize single acts of heroism or extraordinary achievement and will not be made in recognition of sustained operational activities against an armed enemy.

 Distinguished Flying Cross

2001 to Present
Killed In Action
Killed In Action

Barnett, Chris

Brown, Jason

Caldwell, John

Campbell, Kim N.

Carrillo, Jason

Cavazos, Aaron

Combs, Stephen

Cooper, Gregory

Creel, John

Crowley, Daniel

Davidson, Allen

Dicks, Brian

Erickson, Brian

Espinoza, Armando

Fisher, Andy

Gilbert, Troy L. Killed In Action

Glathar, Ryan

Glover, Matthew R.

Gribble, Jeremy

Haake, David W.

Hilquest, Michael

Hutchings, Michael W.

Jones, Matthew

Johnson, Gavin

Johnson, Mikah

Joyce, Richard D.

Kennedy, Brian M.

Kingry, Michael

Lagerveld. Scott

Litaker, Bernard

Mankowski, Maciek

May, Melissa

Moore, Marcus

Murphy, Brendan P.

Parvin, Jeremiah

Peterson, Todd

Pfarr, Matthew

Prather, Craig

Roman, Carlos M.

Rucker, William

Salo, Matthew

Smith, David

Sorter, Dino

Sprabary, Sidney

Stacy, Robert

Stock, Michael

Tate, Benjamin

Tingle, Nathan

Tite, Justin

Wells, Robert

White, William

Widener, Doug

Williams, John

Wolak, Keith

Yeadon, Stanley

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