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God Bless America
by Metin Bereketli

Image of "God Bless America" painting by Metin Bereketli
Image of "God Bless America" painting by Metin Bereketli

But after all is said and done
The speeches and video clips that spin and are gone
At the end of a tired day
There remain the vibrations of yearning for a world that never existed before.
There remains a drive
The urge to carry the light to impossible heights never reached before.
There remains the heart of an eagle.
Prairie dreams.
Freedom streams.
There rises
On the wings
Of a billion angels...

Metin Bereketli
Copyright 2001

Metin Bereketli is not only an acclaimed inspirational artist, his masterpieces wonderfully
capture his emotions, feelings … including his love of the USA … as he does with his
inspiring "God Bless America" painting and poem.

David G. Bancroft
USA Patriotism!

Article about Metin Bereketli

It is illegal to use this poem without Metin Bereketli's permission.
Send your comments and/or use permission request to
Metin Bereketli

"God Bless America" Personalized Coffee Mug by Metin Bereketli

"Red White Blue" Coffee Mug by artist Metin Bereketli

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