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Patriotic Photos

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National Medal of Honor Day

March 25, 2021

Medal of Honor medals for the Air Force, Army, and Navy / Marines (Image created by USA Patriotism!)
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Image created by USA Patriotism!

National Medal of Honor Day is a United States federal observance that is celebrated every year on March 25th. It was created to honor the "heroism and sacrifice of Medal of Honor recipients for the United States".

The holiday has been celebrated since 1991, when George H. W. Bush signed Public Law 101-564 on November 15, 1990, which was passed by the 101st United States Congress in November 1990, and created it. The holiday was chosen to be celebrated on March 25 to honor the 23 men who participated in the Great Locomotive Chase and received Medals of Honor for it, particularly William Bensinger, Robert Buffum, Elihu H. Mason, Jacob Parrott, William Pittenger, and William H. H. Reddick, who received the first six Medals of Honor on March 25, 1863.

Where would our beloved, noble country be without all these greatest heroes?

They performed their duty ... with personal concern being secondary to those around them ... doing what it took to safeguard their fellow troops while fighting to keep Old Glory safe and those who pledge allegiance to it ... free!

These 3,400 plus courageous, remarkable Medal of Honor Recipients represent the best of the best in the service of the United States of America and their fellow citizens!

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